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Farming is more lucrative than Politics- Former MP reveals

There is a general perception that politics is an easy and comfortable way to riches. But for some politicians, the profession is complete pressure with less compensation.

The story of a 53-year old former Member of Parliament whose life changed dramatically after losing the Parliamentary elections three years ago is quite an interesting one.

“I am now seeing the sweetness. Politics is a lot of pressure. With little money you get a lot of pressure but you can get big money from farming with no pressure.”

These were the words of a former Member of Parliament of Ejura-Sekyeredumase, Mohammed Yissif Pangabu who abandoned his long time profession-farming- to spend a chunk of his time on politics; a decision which cost him the National Best Farmer feat.

“I tasted a little bit of politics just as a hobby. But farming is my profession so I am really at home doing a lot of big time farming”.

Born to a family already engaged in peasant farming, young Pangabu had a burning desire-to become a world class farmer-to end old time family tradition of producing from hand to mouth.

After several years of farming experience, with a track record producing several bags of maize, groundnut, yam and animal husbandry; Pangabu became a household name for residents of Ejura-Sekyeredumase and its environs.

Besides, he is the Messiah for several families as he provides employment opportunities to over thirty-six people who support his farming activities daily.

Mohammed Yussif Pangabu explained he considered politics as a hobby; a venture which never added value to his agri-business.

For him, politics is not lucrative- you get less but lose more. He revealed he will reject a parliamentary seat given to him on a silver platter.

“But I don’t regret because I have learnt a lot of lessons. I won’t go to Parliament again, even if you give the position to me free I will reject it because I am satisfied with the farming” he disclosed

There were high hopes for Mr. Pangabu of winning the National Best Farmer after picking the overall Ashanti Regional Best Farmer accolade in 1993. But he only managed being awarded with National Best Farmer in large scale maize production in 2002. He blames his days in parliament for cutting his dreams short.

“Whilst I was in Parliament I was farming but I couldn’t monitor so I was not seeing the returns. But I can tell you that, what I have gotten two years now is more than what I gained eight years in Parliament”. Mr. Pangabu said.

Though he will not disclose how much he makes from sale of farm produce, the man who produced 1,600 bags of maize last year made a staggering revelation of how much his monthly earnings could be.

“What I can tell you for now is that I make a lot and I can pay the Majority leader and three MPs every month. This means I am okay”, the former MP revealed.

Though Mr. Pangabu does not regret being a politician, he has given up his political dreams as he targets 5, 000 bags of maize at the end of the 2015 farming season, whilst asking parliamentarians to explore alternative means of livelihood in addition to their careers as MPs.

“When I was there, some of my colleagues used to laugh at me because I was always in the farm.

I will advise them to find something doing aside being in parliament”. Mr. Pangabu revealed.

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