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Feed & Cloth the Needy

We have a bias for Agriculture, Social and Rural Developmental issues that affect farmers, women children and the elderly. Rite FM   by virtue of its profound contribution in supporting our target listeners who are predominantly smallholder farmers, has won both National and International awards.

As part of our corporate social responsibility and giving back to society, we formally solicit your material and financial support towards our 4thannual charity event dubbed “FEED AND CLOTH THE NEEDY”. This Charity outreach event, aims at showing care and offering a helping hand to the vulnerable in our catchment area.

This event is slated for Easter Mondays in the within the various communities. These communities are typical farming communities which are confronted with a myriad of health and social challenges.

This programme we envisage can bring back hope and smiles to the faces of those affected.

Images from 2016 Edition