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Rite Agric Forum (RAF)

Agriculture remains the primary source of livelihoods and has the potential to ensure food security and contribute to economic growth both at the national and district levels and it’s for this reason that Rite 90.1 is commited to using its platform to promote Agriculture and Social Development.
The Rite Fm Agric Forum is a demonstration of that commitment and it comes to build on a track record we have established implementing on Agriculture and Social Development over the years. This includes projects we have delivered in collaboration with partner organizations and agencies including Ghana AIDS Commission, STAR Ghana, USAID, World Vision, Farm Radio Int and many other organizations.
Rite FM Agric Forum was born whiles implementing a project funded by USAID, the Ghana Feed the Future Agriculture Policy Support Project to implement the mobilizing action towards the Agric Sector dubbed MAASI.
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What is RAF / What is RAF about

  • It is a place where Agric Investors meet with Farmers
  • Brings together farmers to one platform.
  • It promotes interactions among stakeholders in the value chain.
  • We discuss various critical issues in the Agric sector.
  • We explore opportunities, new technologies, businesses in the Agric Sector.
  • Display and Exhibition of products and services (Open to all).
RAF is not just a talk show but a voice for the farmers to spell out all their challenges and other issues confronting them, these grievances are taken forward to the right channels in order to meet the needs of the farmers and all stakeholders and enhance production and increase their yields as well as expand businesses.

For more information about RAF

Rite Agro Desk on : 055 719 5558