Agric Forum  is an Agro political Rite 90.1 FM on air programme which brings topics and issues surrounding Agriculture development in Ghana. These topics are either happenings within the week in question or those of General concern.

The progromme is air born Saturdays between 10 00 am and 12 noon with resource persons with diversify knowledge in Agric and political issues.

Two sections of caller segments are created for listeners to contribute their side of the issue to the programme.

The first section starts 10:30 am to 10:45 am purposely for listeners to communicate their challenges and concerns (Agriculture in character)

The section aspect allows callers from 11:40 am to 11:55 am to strictly comment or contribute on the subject/topics discussed


Mr. Austin Ofori Addo

Contact Information

Mobile: 0548684913

Email: austinofori.addo@gmail.com

Twitter: @austinofori1

Facebook: Austin Ofori

Austin Ofori Addo


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