Rite Program Brief

F MSL Multimedia operates Rite 90.1 Fm in Somanya and we are focus in Agric and Social Development. We’ve gain recognition within our focus and won awards to that effect over the past years at the district, municipal and national levels. We’ve been able to do this through our well established programs as indicated below:

Morning Show

This is our magazine show that starts the day for Rite 90.1 Fm with segments that cut across. The show start from 5 45 am to 10 00 am each working day. There is a motivational segment, health at breakfast, headlines from news papers and the websites, weather report from the methodological service, sports, akua  fo se sen, today, first word (phone inn) and the studio discussion for the day ranging from politics, business, education and health. This is our flash show over the years with season host and great team. The show from 9 00am to 10 00am from Monday to Friday have specific area of focus:

Mondays – we focus on social development issues from health, roads, social interventions, Agric, market, portable water, electricity etc. stockholders who matter in the sector are invited for discussions.

Tuesdays – this segment is use to follow up on the DEOP to find out how school pupils are doing in terms of performance. The teacher attendance is also looked at with the support from the various assemblies. The DEOP just looked at Yilo but we are now going beyond Yilo but look at our catchment areas. The contribution of parent is also captured on this segment.

Wednesday – the segment is “business today” and it looks at the business opportunities available for the young people to take advantage of it. It also offers business ideas for those with challenges managing their businesses.

Thursdays – the segment is “assembly today”. This segment talks looks at how the various assemblies within our catchment areas are managing our small parliament. We go into how they are generation IGF and how it is used. We look at their budget and how they use their common fund

Friday s – the segment is “Asetena Pa” and it looks at the work of women on the Agric value chain which is more of processing. This takes us to how they do and how the nutritional values are kept for their own use and that of other consumers.

Agro Tech

This is one of our Agric programs aired on Mondays between 7 00 pm and 8 00 pm and is aimed at engaging stakeholders with farm technologies and input for farmers to take advantage of. It also give farmers both small and large scale to engage and connect with the industry player no how to operate, service, maintain and purchase their tractors.

Kua Pa Yo

As the major occupation of most of the people in our catchment areas is Agriculture, this program that comes off on Thursdays from 7 00 pm to 8 00 pm is to help our gallant farmers to know what to do, when to do and how to do it for higher yields. Is mostly done in collaboration with MoFA at the various levels and there’s an opportunity for the farmers to call inn with their questions and contributions.

Agric Forum

This show is aired on Saturdays between 10 00 am and 12 noon. This is an Agro political show. The topics are mostly the important agric issues that have come up over the week on polices that affect Agric directly or indirectly.

Community Watch

This is a show that allows listeners to speak their local language in voicing out their views on develop in their area. Is a three hour show on Saturdays from 3 pm with another great listeners and contributors.  The show start with listener concerns (a phone – inn), big news for the week, studio discussion for the day and a phone – inn on the issues discussed.

Adwuma Mre

This is our mid-morning show aired from 10 00 am and 12 noon from Monday to Friday. The show start with motivational talk, trivial question, working tips, abrabo mu nsem and nsem nketekete (entertainment news)

The show is expected to motivate workers whilst they work and the various segments with music are in line with the said objectives of the show.


We currently have a news in brief at 10 00 am, a major news at 12 noon, another news in brief at              3 00 pm and the last one at 8 00 pm which is a local news (Krobo). The mid-day news looks at Agric news from Ghana, regional (Africa)/ international news, social news, business news and sport.

Okwanso Anigyie

This is the drive time on Rite 90.1 Fm. It start at 2 30 pm each working day. The engagement on this show include the quote of the day, kyere wadwen (drive talk), okwanso nwompa, okwanso nkomo, nsem sem and the celebrity of the week on Fridays where an artist is invited to the studios for a short interview.


Our sports shows include; Agro fie, Sport world, sport night and twe mame twe

Agro fie – this is a talk show aired on Mondays from 1 00 pm to 2 00 pm and is aimed at reviewing all sport events from the weekend. It start with tit bits around the world then the main topic for discussion (we entertain studio guest and on line resource persons). There is a phone inn at the end of the show.

Twemame twe – this is a sport debate on Rite 90.1 from Tuesdays from 6 30 to 7 30 pm. It comes with a judge and two lawyers to do the debate on a particular issue and the listeners will help the sitting judge in the studio to judge.

Agodie ne Abibi duro – this is an hour show on Wednesday s from 700  pm to 8 00 pm that talk about sport and diet/ nutrition, injury and herbal treatment. It starts with health information and the injury for the day will be looked at for listener views and comment.

Sport World – this is the major sport talk show which discusses current issues in the sport work throughout the week. It start with the introduction of the issues for the week, then the panel discussion, on line guest and phone – inn. Is on Saturdays from 7 00 am to 9 00 am

Sport Night – this comes off from Monday to Friday from 6 30 pm to 7 00 pm. It starts with sport update from the local front, the international world, gossip corner and a phone inn.

Drive Alive

This program looks at the driving activities on our area. DVLA, MTTD, Driver Unions, road safety commission, passengers and all other relevant stakeholders in the transport business are the main institutions that we engage on the show. Drive Alive is aired every Fridays from 7 00 pm to 8 00 pm. The show starts with listener view then the talk for the day with listener phone – inn.

Friday Fever

Is a four hour music show with entertainment info, request using social media (what’s app, twitter, face book and text), phone – inn (make a request). Music tracks from the 80s are played of this show.

Hitz Factory

Is a four hour music show with entertainment info, request using social media (what’s app, twitter, face book and text), phone – inn (make a request). Current tunes are played on this show.


Aware Fie

This is a show that looks at relationship from the perspective of church. The host and the guests on the show are pastors and councilors from different church. Three main segments; topic for discussions, phone – inn and big issues (a live issue is brought up for listener comment and feedback)

Sunday Special

This is an after church show from 12 15 pm. Listeners are motivated, and issue is put up for listener view, entertainment news is given, odor adidie (we locate a spot and pick a live feed and interview people there to promote the said spot). This is just for entertainment.


This is a two hour show on Mondays and Thursday from 8 to 10 pm each week. The sOwura Asamoahhow gives an opportunity to all political parties to explain and discuss all the political issues and policies of the various political parties within the week. It is also geared towards deepening electorates’ minds and understanding to make inform decision during our general elections.

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