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Man Who Impersonated Michael Ologo Grabbed

Gilbert Afoh is in the grip of Baatsona District police for posing as Mr. Michael Ologo – the managing Director of Timax Development Group.

He was picked up by the CID in a Barbering Salon at Tema community 3 on Friday 30th June, 2017 upon tip off.

Gilbert Afoh had used the documents of Timax Development group for an application to the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) on May 17 , 2017 and was received by NPA on 22nd May, 2017.

In the said letter, intercepted by ahotoronline.com the impersonator applied to the NPA for authorization to discharge sludge from the Tema Port from M T Wood Spirit which was carrying the said aqueous oil.

It was further noticed by INTERTEK Limited, an independent company that was contracted by NPA to ascertain the content of the vessel came out with it’s second test stating that the content was diesel not waste oil as earlier notified to TOR.

This development was then reported to the CID and National security for further investigations.

It is recalled that on June 29, 2017, a publication by the Daily Graphic stated that managing directors of three companies in Tema were allegedly arrested for importing diesel without authority and envading tax totalling GHc 470,000.

They were Godson Akafo, the MD of Western Marine Company, Michael Ologo, the MD of Timax Development Group and Justice Yaw Aware, the MD of Marine Tanker Wood Spirit.

According to the report it was stated that the three companies connived with some officials from Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) and the NPA in the said deal.

Timax Development Group’s MD, Michael ologo was said to have used his company, to apply for a permit from the NPA for it to discharge sludge from the Tema Port.

In an interview with the managing Director of the company, Michael Ologo, he explained to ahotoronline.com that his company had not involved itself or connived with any company in the said transaction and neither had they invaded tax of the said amount.

He further stated that Timax Development group is a company that deals in the the dislodge of waste at the Tema Port.

Michael Ologo continued stating that he was invited by the national security and the CID for interrogation on the said issue, but told them of his innocence on the allegation.

“Timax do not deal in diesel and we have not authorized any one to use any official document on our behalf for any transaction of such nature”

“The letters that has been sighted to have asked NPA, for the application to discharge aqueous oil from M T Wood Spirit do not bear either my name or signature and I have no knowledge about it”

“I was called by some officials from NPA stating that my company had written an application to their outfit to discharge oil”

“I stated categorically in the telephone conversation that my company has not transacted any deal of that nature and that further investigation by the authority must be done “

“I woke up on Thursday 29th June, 2017 to know of the news of my company’s involvement in such a transaction”, Ologo explained.

He continued stating that the investigation by the CID will help ascertain the truth and he will go all out to cooperate with the investigative bodies.

Gilbert Afoh the impersonator, who had his name on the letter to NPA as director of Timax upon interrogation stated that he was not authorized by any management member of Timax to do so.

The CID also found documents of Timax Development group in his possession when he was picked up on Friday.

Checks done by ahotoronline.com indicates that Gilbert Afoh with the connivance of some authorities at TOR and NPA may have had similar transactions of such nature in the past.

Michael Ologo the MD of Timax Development group applauded the CID and the National Security for their swift approach on the issue.

Source: ahotoronline.com

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