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Somanya: retailers of pure water unwilling to sell at 30p

Most retailers of sachet water though highly expectant of the increases in the bags of sachet water and a subsequent reflection in the unit cost to consumers to make the difference in their investments are however doubtful of the purchasing power of local consumers to meet the hikes in price.

According to most retailers interviewed by Rite news, selling a sachet of pure water at 30p from the previous price of 20p would surely add on to the already high cost of living in the country.

The vendors while empathizing with the consumers who are mostly low income earners were skeptical that the latter had the financial ability to buy water at the new price.

Consumers on the other hand also expressed disquiet at the expected increases especially in the wake of various complaints of the bad quality of water produced by many producers.

“30p for a bag of sachet water is too expensive especially for the bad quality of water sold to us,” one agitated consumer told Rite news reporter. “If the increases will reflect in the quality then we don’t have a problem.”

Another consumer interviewed expressed similar views, adding that the sachet water sold to them tasted “salty” and thus of very poor quality to merit what she referred to an astronomical increase.’

The National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) last week announced that prices of sachet water will go up effective Monday, November, 2018.

Explaining the reason for the increase, the association said the decision is due to increase in the cost of production.

A bag of sachet water popular called pure water is therefore now expected to be purchased by all the trucks and depots at GHC3.50 pesewas.

The figure is a jump from the GHC2.50 pesewas and sometimes GHC3 that retailers have been purchasing in the past.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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