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Western Region Fishermen Defy Order on Illegal Fishing

The development is reported to have reached alarming proportions as the country spends millions of cedis to address the impact of the menace.

But checks at some fishing centres in the country reveal that the fisher folks may not be ending their deeds anytime soon.

Citi Business News’ Jessica Ayorkor who has been to the Sekondi fishing harbour in the Western region reports that the fishermen are adamant to adhere to the directive.

One of the boat owners and manager at the Sekondi fishing harbour, Alfred, who admitted that the illegal fishing method is unacceptable, maintained that it has become necessary as their sales are declining.

“The illegal fishing has both good and bad sides; it’s good in the sense that you get enough fish but the negative aspect will be that some of the fishermen go beyond the light fishing and use dynamite while at sea,” he explained.

The defiance by the fishermen comes despite stern warning by the Fisheries Ministry to deal with culprits of illegal fishing.

Other illegal fishing methods being undertaken with impunity include the use of dynamite, detergents as well as the use of unprescribed fishing nets.

The Chairman of the Ghana Inshore Fishermen Association in Sekondi, Francis Eshun asserted that the attempts to get some members use the right process have been unsuccessful as their acts are in some cases backed by some persons in higher authorities.

Jessica Aryeee is one of some selected journalists attending the USAID /UCC fisheries and coastal management capacity building support program.

Source: citibusinessnews.com

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