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Snail Farming Is a Very Lucrative Venture

By Joyce Bedeley:

Madam Emma Hanson, a snail farmer at Kpong in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in the Eastern region has in an interview with Rite News identified the business as a very lucrative venture. This is notwithstanding the fact that it is time consuming, demands a lot of attention as well as proper feeding.

Giving a little insight into how Snail Farming is done, Madam Hanson while admitting that it’s a difficult activity at the beginning also added that with the right approach, the business should end up very successfully. She however noted that proper feeding is essential for multiple and faster breeding.

‘Snail keeping is very difficult at the beginning such as how to prepare the cage and how to contact the agric officers to teach you the right height required,’ Madam Hanson explained and added that also important is the necessary training which of course if done well, the farmer will not encounter much problems during the production.

He however advised that snail farmers in the Krobo districts stand to lose out if they concentrate their market within these areas. This according to her is because most Krobos are averse to snail meat and attempting to make sales there would be unwise.

‘Most Krobos don’t like snail meat so it is better to go outside of the area to places such as Tema, Accra and other parts of the country where it can fetch better income or better still contact restaurant operators who have interest in the product,’ Madam Hanson advised while adding that the best sales of snails is mostly during the lean season due to low or limited fish catch from the various water bodies.

She compared the health status of other animals to the snail which she noted favours snails since it’s not affected by other any disease. She however cautioned snail farmers to study them and follow the weather changes to help him or her to know what to feed them with. She added that, she always calls on the extension officers quarterly to check up on the animals even if she does not encounter any problems with the upkeep of the snails.

One challenge she touched on however, is the issue of insects invading the various cages which sometimes also depends on the types of cages built.

Madam Emma Hanson therefore decided to join the ‘YOUTH CHALLENGE PROGRAM which is soon to be hosted by Rite FM in order to help her acquire skills in mushroom farming which she hopes to pursue in addition to her snail rearing since business.

One advantage she hopes to get from the mushroom business alongside her snail farming is that she can get leftovers from the mushroom and leafy vegetable she plants to feed the snails and hopes that after the training she will begin production immediately.


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