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Sheep Farming Is the Most Convenient In Livestock Farming – Sheep Farmer

A sheep farmer at Ogome, a suburb of Somanya in the Eastern region has endorsed sheep farming among the several options available in livestock farming, as the most convenient.

According to Mr. Simon Tetteh, his preference for sheep farming stems from its free range system which does not come with any land acquisition or fertilizer which is typical of many types of farming anywhere.

Mr. Tetteh while speaking in an interview with Prince Paul Amuzu said that initially, his intention was to go into crop farming but he realized that he needed a lot of capital to go into mainstream crop farming, a situation he could not meet.

“When I decided to go into farming, I realized that I needed a lot of capital to afford a piece of land, plough it, and buy fertilizer among requirements. After considering my financial position however, I realized that I cannot afford it so I backed out,” he stressed.

The sheep farmer said that another option available to him aside the crop farming was livestock farming, specifically, pig farming. This idea was also almost immediately abandoned due to the cost involved in their feeding.

“After abandoning my idea of going into crop farming, my second thought was to go into pig farming but I also realized that the pigs feed a lot and I couldn’t afford their feeds,” he explained.

Mr. Tetteh who said he finally resolved to go into sheep farming said his decision to venture into sheep farming stemmed from their status as ruminants which can feed on grass which is a far cheaper option.

“After contemplating for long on what do since I did not have the required capital, I finally resorted to go into sheep farming because they are ruminants and for that matter would feed on grass. The only challenges however, are to take them to field for grazing and monitor them so that they don’t destroy other people’s farms,” he asserted.

The system of sheep and goat production in Ghana is basically traditional except for a few organized or large-scale livestock farms which exhibit some degree of improved system.

In the settled villages or rural areas where the bulk of the nation’s sheep and goats can be located, there are usually unroofed or fenced yards and semi-open sheds where the animals are confined after grazing. The animals when released for grazing stay within a particular distance by dint of their territorial instinct.

On the few large-scale livestock farms, there are enclosed fenced and pasture areas divided into paddocks with dips.

Source; Prince Paul Amuzu/

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