A 13 year old   class five pupil of Somanya Presby Primary, (name withheld) in an attempt to walk over the road using the zebra crossing, met her untimely death after she was knocked by a prison officer’s Toyota Hilux Pickup at the forefront of the Bethel Preparatory School at Sawer, a suburb of Somanya.

According to eye-witness account, a Toyota Hilux Pickup with registration number GM 46-15 was on a high-speed from Agormanya heading towards Somanya and upon reaching the incident scene, the driver did not make any attempt to reduce the speed only to knock and run over the young girl. Further eye report said, about four vehicles heading to Kpong stopped for the girl to walk over the road and the said vehicle from nowhere run over the girl, killing her instantly.

Speaking to Mr. Johnson W.K. Ofori, father of the deceased explained, “the girl was on an errand before that unfortunate incident happened and the police are investigating it so we will wait for police to finish with their investigation to know the outcome.”

Moreover, Somanya Police Commander, ASP Isaac Otsin speaking to Rite news confirmed the incident, saying they received the information around 5:45 pm that a driver by name Richmond Darko has knocked down a girl who was allegedly in a zebra crossing for which they (police) has rush to the scene to assess the situation. ASP Otsin said, the accident was really serious and has called for investigation into the matter.

“The driver does not work with prison service but the vehicle belongs to a prisons officer, the vehicle belongs to a prison officer, the police officer confirmed.

The accused is at police custody pending Attorney General’s advice on prosecution for court action,” ASP Isaac Otsin told Rite News.

Source: Austin Ofori Addo/

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