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New Revelation: Galamseyers plotted Captain Mahama’s death

There is a new twist to the circumstances that led to the brutal murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama at Denkyira Boase in the Central region.

Information available to Ekosii Sen host, Kojo Asare Baffuor Acheampong (KABA) indicates that, the late army officer was going to meet some people engaging in illegal mining in the area popularly known as galamsey when he was ambushed by the town folks.

KABA revealed that prior to his death; Captain Mahama had been stationed in Diaso since January, 2017 where he and his troops were deployed to fight galamsey activities. After three months, he returned to Accra to write a promotional exam for the rank of a major. While away writing the exams, his position as the commander was temporarily taken by a Lieutenant (name withheld) who seized galamsey equipment of some galamseyers.

The galamseyers then reportedly arranged a meeting with the said Lieutenant to negotiate for the release of their equipment. According to some military informants who disclosed the issue to Mr. Baffuor Acheampong, the said lieutenant did not honour the invitation but instead sent four Warrant Officers (WOs) to meet with these illegal miners and they were nearly killed. They however managed to escape because they were armed.

KABA revealed that the said lieutenant did not inform his superiors that he sent the ‘boys’ on that mission and “When the Military High Command heard about the incident, the soldiers were detained into guardroom and were released after the sudden demise of Captain Mahama” KABA revealed.

It was after Captain Mahama returned to Diaso that the same trap set earlier by the galamseyers was laid at his doorsteps and which he decided to honour that resulted in his arm bush and subsequent murder.

‘Captain Mahama was never on a jogging mission. Are we being told that he went jogging in a jeans trousers and a military boot?’ KABA quizzed. He also wondered why nobody ever informed the Captain of the earlier near death experience on the other soldiers while yet others have also questioned why a military man would go jogging at 8am.

Some residents of Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region marshaled every lethal weapon available to them, including blocks, stones, guns and mortals among others as they clubbed the army officer to death on May 29.

Captain Mahama, having jogged covering a distance of about 10 kilometers, stopped in the town to buy snails from a woman.

Police say while removing his money the woman saw his pistol and raised an alarm that he was an armed robber leading to his lynching.

Many who have watched the ignoble act recorded by some residents are appalled by the way Captain Mahama was murdered when he had clearly shown to the people that he posed no danger and was ready to negotiate with them, but people who appeared bloodthirsty decided to rather kill him.

Source: AdomOnline.com

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