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Nationwide Dumsor to be resolved soon: Gridco

The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) has apologized to members of the public over the power fluctuation which occurred yesterday which led to total black out in some parts of the country.

Director of Operations of the Company, Mark Baah said on Tuesday that the problem was caused by a problem with some of their transmission generators at the Aboadze enclave.

We beg Ghanaians to forgive us; we had problems with transmission lines from Ghana to Cote D’Ivoire. That caused a swing in power generation and led to the tripping of power…this led to loss of a chunk of power…,” he explained.

More than half of the country experienced total power outage Monday evening.

The black out which occurred at about 20:00 hours GMT lasted for between four and five hours but power is however yet to be restored to certain areas.

And this total blackout, he said was caused by the generators in the Aboadze enclave.

He however claimed that the occurrence was not due to aging generators but from faults.

“The generators in Aboadze caused it but the generators in the Eastern part were working. Our machines are not old, it’s unfortunate these faults have been re-occurring…,” he said.

Mr. Baah promised areas which are yet to have their power restored that engineers from the ECG are working round the clock to fix the problem.

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