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Grass Cutter Keeping Is Very Profitable.

By Austin Ofori Addo:

The 2015 best grasscutter farmer in the Yilo Krobo municipality, Pastor Danso has urged the general public to engage in grasscutter farming, saying that it is a very lucrative venture. Pastor Danso made the call on the Kuapa Yo segment of the Rite Morning Ride on Friday with Edwin Larbi.

This is as a result of the expensive price attached to it, adding that it also has ready market. He gave the price range for a matured grasscutter as between Gh 160.00 and Gh c 200 while the not so big ones range between Gh 80.00 and Gh c 100.

On the youth, he advised them to consider an occupation in grasscutter farming rather than depending on non-evasive white color jobs.

He said many people are are drawn to grasscutter meat due to its delicious taste. He explained that the fact that the ruminants depend on grass for survival makes their meat a sure source of vital nutrients to consumers.

Explaining what goes into the grasscutter business, he said to keep grass cutters you must buy the little ones because the adults tend to kill each other. In order to safely house them and prevent them from escaping, he tutored that their housing must be made of strong wire gauze since they can easily chew their way out of a wooden structure, taking into consideration their strong and sharp teeth.

He added that one disadvantage of the practicing grasscutter farming is during their crossing when the males kill the females if they allow them to cross them.

 Source: ritefmonline.org

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