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Ghanaians Are The Cause Of Their Own Problems – Kongo Wattu

By: Krobea  Asante Tofepa – Ntomentwene

Reggae presenter at rite FM, Solomon kwabena  Boadi, popularly known as Congo Watu has accused  Ghanaians for engineering their own woes and predicaments, crippling a country that is blessed with numerous natural resources.

He made these statements on his late Sunday’s show, people’s parliament, a programme designed to educate people on basic human rights, responsibilities of citizens of any nation as well as create awareness for humanitarian uprightness.

Congo Watu reiterated that the current state of our country could be transformed, if only the citizens change their attitude and work hard. He expressed worry of the state of the country in a 21st century, where people litter and urinate anywhere at all.

“And such people are seeking for visas to travel outside the country, they are those who go behind bars in a foreign land because they have no respect for natural laws” He added.

Stating further, he claimed to be surprised the Ghanaian music industry has failed to check lyrics before they are released unto the market, “today any music at all is accepted wholesome and sad to note that children of school going ages, embrace the words and emulate its poisonous contents”.

He urged Ghanaians to stop the unnecessary debates on media platforms, as most turn to be just noise that attracts no significant gains to our nation, pointing that the hullabaloos about the two detainees from Guantanamo Bay into the country will soon be chaff, and will no longer be a subject for discussion.

Today teenagers sit and talk about abortions they have committed, and when calamities begin to befall us we turn to the prayer camps for intervention and mediation from God, we need to change our attitudes as Christians and Muslims of a great nation, he pleaded.

In a development, he referred that our country years away adopted the monarchy system where chiefs and queens were selected to rule the country, however when it was scrapped and replaced with what we call democracy, which actually is “demon crazy” presidents are elected,  and now the country is witnessing massive corruption and greed on part of our political leaders.

“It is high time we change our attitude, if not we will continue to swim in abject poverty, diseases, disasters amongst others” Congo Watu defended stating that he is a naturopath and a Rasta man who do not take political sides and expect that the right thing is done.

Source: ritefmonline.org


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