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“Fewer Ivorian mangoes than last year”

At Simexp SARL, the harvest of Ivorian mangoes is lower than last year. “Unlike the 2018 season, we do not have enough mangoes this year. A mango tree which produced many fruits last year cannot give the same quantity the following year, that’s why. That is how Nature works,” explains Jean-Jacques Saba of Simexp SARL. “As for the quality, there won’t be any problem.”

Simexp SARL is an import-export and services company, exporting mainly mangoes, pineapples and coconuts to the Netherlands. The mangoes are shipped by plane, but more often by boat.

The company offers mangoes of different varieties such as the Amélie, Kent and Keith. “We will start selling the Kent variety on April 9th. Generally, the season can last six weeks or even 2 months, depending on the weather.” According to Saba, the demand is relatively good.

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