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Farmers call for a second look of award packages ahead of 2017 NFD as they cry over mistreatment.   

Farmers in the country mostly expressed their worries in awards given them at National Farmers Day (NFD) celebration as being too inexpensive comparing their immense effort in feeding mother Ghana;  producing raw materials for the industries and the World.

Today [Friday], on the Rite Morning Ride during the “Akuafo Se Sen?” Segment, some farmers within the Eastern Region expressed that, over the years,  awards have always been given to farmers who are ‘’rich’’ and bears the name farmer but  have not  handle neither cutlass nor weed any plot.

Others are also of the view that, sometimes the items given doesn’t relate the activity of the farmer, for instance fishermen given knapsack sprayer, cutlasses, and drinks.

The callers (farmers) appealed that, aside the awardees, every farmer in the country must be given at least one cutlass or fertilizer to improve on their work, since they also produce food which feeds the nation.

Some has bitterly bemoaned that, they (farmers) who are the producers of the food, are devoid of food and water during refreshment at such event.

According to the callers, farmers in the country contributes a lot to the development of the economy and also employs about 60% of the work force, therefore organizers of the National Farmers Day Celebration should analyze the awards  giving to  deserving farmers in order to improve agriculture  in the country.

The 33rd National Farmers Day will be celebrated on Friday December 1, 2017 on the theme, ‘’Planting for Food and Jobs’’.

National Farmer’s Day is commemorated each year on the first Friday of December to honor our gallant farmers and fishers. The event acknowledges the vital position farmers and fishers occupy in the nation’s socio-economic development.

Here prizes are awarded to deserving farmers and fishers in order of best practices and outputs.

The Ministry has noted with pride interest shown by some organizations/institutions in agriculture and the linkage they provide to farmers and fishers by ensuring the availability of either credits, inputs for production or processing of produce to reduce post-harvest losses.

Besides, their continuous support of Farmers’ Day has enabled the Ministry to enhance the quality and quantity of prizes presented to the Award Winners.

Source: Joyce Bedeley/ritefmonline.org


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