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Export Price of Chinese Onions is Unstable

“The Chinese onion market is in between production seasons, which creates great price fluctuations in the export market and the overall market conditions are unstable.” This is according to Wang Junjie of Henan Junzhian Food Co., Ltd.

“Yunnan onions only recently entered the market around March 20th. And the product quality of onions from storage in Gansu is below standard, which makes them unsuitable for the export market. This is the situation behind the unstable export price of Chinese onions. The export price of Yunnan onions shows the greatest growth. The price of yellow onions from Yunnan has already increased around 100 USD per ton since the onions entered the market around March 20th. We predict, based on experience in previous years, that the export price will readjust when onions from Sichuan enter the market.”

“Many onion production areas recently began the harvest season, but we do not expect this to present a significant threat to the position of Chinese onions in the international market. The main reason for this is the sheer size of China’s onion supply volume, and its stability. Furthermore, the export price is relatively low. As for the export destinations, China exports onions to Israel, Japan, and Korea, in addition to Europe.”

“We mainly export peeled onions to the UK, the Netherlands, and Italy. The onions are 60-90 mm onions packaged in 20 kg boxes with nitrogen added for stable product quality during transport. We currently only supply onions from the 2019 production season in Yunnan. The overall surface area for onion plantation is more or less the same in 2019 as it was in 2018, as far as we can see, and the production volume is likely to be similar as well.”


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