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The Eastern regional best farmer said disunity amongst farmers was a big disincentive to farming

Disunity among farmers, an added cost in Farming – Eastern Regional Best Farmer

The success of many great farms in the world stems from the farmers ability to unite. In countries where farming is held in high esteem, most successful farms were established from farm unions which had educators, policy makers and stakeholders that shared common knowledge and interest in helping other farmers. In Ghana’s case, WOI Rtd Kwaku Ofori Asante has stated that the contrary is what farmers experience in Ghana.

WOI Rtd. Kwaku Ofori Asante is the Eastern Regional District best farmer. Speaking to Rite FM, he said most Ghanaian farmers do not support one another in developing the agricultural sector. He said “many people have large farm lands they can’t develop into farms, but they don’t give the lands out for other people to farm,” adding that “when individuals work harder to build good farms, they are envied by other farmers who wish them ill”.

He made these comments while expressing his grievances on the rampant bush fires in the region. He passionately expressed his disappointment in the way people refuse to help farmers whose farms are caught up in bushfires.

Sadly, WOI Rt. Kwaku Ofori Asante has lost his cassava farm to bush fires on circumstances which could have been easily avoided. He said, aside all the negligence that comes from farmers during the dry season, one heartbreaking regret is their lack of sympathy for damaging farms. He said no one would ever make any effort to help you when your farm catches fire.

He said with his experience and recognitions, he and other award-winning farmers in the Eastern region are planning to form unions that will campaign on the benefits of farming. The Unions will focus on building demonstration farms that will give people hope and inspire them to take up farming.

The Unions collective efforts will also create and spread awareness about the challenges in farming and provide insight into how they would address local, regional and national policies on agriculture and share current agricultural technologies in Ghana.

He encouraged farmers to back their passion by unity, hope and hard work to develop world class farms. He noted that his interest in farming came from his visits to farms during peacekeeping exercises in Israel.

Comparing farming in Israel to Ghana, WOI Rt. Asante scored Ghana 5% because most farms are not managed as businesses and are not purpose-filled, he added.

Source: Ghana|ritefmonline.org|Youu Twum | youutwum@gmail.com

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