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Compensate Families of Victims of Tatale Shooting – NGO

By Joyce Bedeley:

Founder of the ‘Tepkan Annipub Anyobank,’ an NGO with the focus on fighting for women’s rights located in the Northern region, Mr. Simon Kuwella Libalgma has blamed the police in the Northern region for not acting swiftly in dealing with an armed-robbery attack in the northern region about a week ago.

The group led by Mr. Libalgma is thus calling on the Government to compensate the bereaved families of the three men who lost their lives while attempting to lend a helping hand to the police to quell the recent armed robbery activities in the Tatale-Sanguli and Zabzugu districts in the Northern region which left a couple of people dead.

Mr. Simon Kuwella Libalgma who doubles as the School Representative Council, SRC president of the School of Social Work in Accra is tasking the government to maintain the families of the young men who died while attempting to establish security with the police following an uproar of armed robbery activities that put the town of Tatale under siege for close to two days, and put the bereaved families on the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty, LEAP programme in order to sustain them.

The SRC president who compared the situation of the three deceased men to that of a taxi driver who was handsomely rewarded when he risked his life to foil an attempted robbery on a staff of Koala Shopping Center in Accra a couple of years ago, told Rite news that if nothing was done to alleviate the plight of the widows who are members of the Tepkan Annipub Anyobank and their children, he would have no option but to drag government before the law courts to compel it to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.

‘If nothing is done as compensation for the families, I will drag the state to court in the name of my NGO which solely stands to fight for women and orphans especially when the widows remain loyal to the NGO,’ Mr. Kuwella stated.

He identified the deceased as Papa; a 42-year-old man who was married to four (4) Wives and left behind eighteen (18) children; Kuwella Assindol, thirty-one (31) years with two (2) wives and five (5) children and Nkunpoan Nborinyi, thirty-seven (37) who left behind a wife and 2 children.

On sustaining peace in the area, Simon made a passionate appeal to security agencies to beef up security (police and military) in the Tatale-Sanguli and Zabzugu districts to help curb any further disturbances to the peace. This stems from a state of insecurity and fear created in two districts in the aftermath of the attack and its resultant fear and panic among residents.

It would be recalled that the chiefs and elders at an earlier press conference expressed their disappointment and disgust at the way police in the district handled the armed robbery incident on 21st May, 2017 and appealed to the government, religious groups and all benevolent individuals to come the aid of the deceased families.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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