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CBPP Disease Can Kill All Our Cattle; Veterinary Officer Cries

Cattle farmers in Akuse and its environs have complained about a contagious disease which is killing their cattle in a space of 24hours. The disease which has been identified as Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) disease has killed many cattle in the area and the spread is very rapid.

In an interview with Rite FM, Mr Isaac Nyumu Teye, a Veterinary Officer disclosed that Akuse and its environs are noted for the fast spread of the CBPP disease. He said the disease has no cure but it is preventable and there are vaccines to prevent it.

Mr Teye disclosed that, anytime they mobilize the cattle farmers and advise them to immunize their cattle against this disease, “They cost the number of animals they have, compute it and they say it is too expensive for them so they don’t do it.”

CBPP is an infectious disease of cattle caused by the Mycoplasma mycoides mycoides bacteria. CBPP causes inflammation and enlargement of the lungs. This inflammation can lead to fluid accumulation in the chest cavity which interferes with effective breathing and causes cattle to die from lack of oxygen.

Mr Teye explained that when CBPP affects the cattle, it does not show its symptoms until the animal suffers other threats that causes it to exhibit some symptoms for a short period and die. This is what makes the farmers think their cattle acquire the diseases and die in 24hrs.
CBPP is spread through the inhalation of airborne droplets from coughing or sneezing animals. Direct cow-to-cow contact is necessary for the disease to spread.

According to Mr Teye, over the years, Fulani herdsmen have been giving antibiotics like Tylosin to their cattle in attempt to treat the disease. “We tell them there’s a simple way which is annual vaccination… With that, this problem will be solved”, he added.

He pleaded with the Fulani Herdsmen to stop buying antibiotics from pharmacy shops to treat their cattle and report all the issues to the veterinary office.

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