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Bad roads at Tukhuwe leading to farm areas – Farmer

Mr. John Narh Sackey, a mango and maize farmer whose farm is located at Tukhwe, Akweteymam in Somanya has complained of the bad roads leading to their farming areas.

He said this during a live interview on Rite FM’s “Akuafo Si Sen” (What are farmers saying) program.

According to him, the roads from Tukhuwe to the farms are full of pot-holes and drivers find it difficult driving on that road especially when there is a little rain fall. The road has a clay soil and is almost unmotorable.

He pleaded with the assembly to come to their aid and reconstruct the road since it was done some time ago but is now in a bad state.

Mr John revealed that, the farmers in his area are willing to support the Assembly financially to repair the roads.

He said they told the District assembly to communicate with the assembly men some time ago and they agreed to construct the road leading to their farms.

He went on by saying that, there will be a time when their cultivated crops cannot be sent to the market due to the bad nature of the roads.

The M.C.E for Yilo Krobo; Hon. Andrews Obu Soda who responded to the farmers concerns said that, this information has not reached them but within this month most of the roads will be constructed.

He also said that the farmers should come and see him early Wednesday morning to discuss the issue further.

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