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Top US IT company to invest in Volta Region

Aristotle Incorporated, an award-winning Internet service provider in the United State is exploring opportunities of establishing a bureau in the Volta Region of Ghana.

This follows a successful business meeting between a trade delegation from Akansas State, Delta Region, USA and political heads of the Volta Region, during a week’s sister cities partnership and Economic and Investment forum in Ho.

Aristotle Inc. provides broadband Internet, using fixed wireless broadband technology and it’s expected to extend Internet connectivity to cover the Volta Region.

Ms Elizabeth Bowles, the President and Chairman, Aristotle Inc., in a presentation on her behalf at the business meeting said, fixed wireless broadband provided broader range of bandwidth options.

“A fiber-fixed wireless hybrid solution provides the most flexible and cost effective solution,” she said.

Ms Bowles said it was less expensive and faster to deploy and was hopeful the extension of their operations to Volta Region could lead to an Information Communication Technology revolution in the Region and Ghana with “speed and reliability.”

She said the focus would be on schools, businesses and communities and called for partnership from local entrepreneurs and district assemblies.

“Broadband Internet access to schools, communities and businesses across the Volta Region and throughout Ghana, is essential to the country’s economic future,” Ms Bowles said and called for support from stakeholders.

Mr Mark Martin, Secretary of State, Arkansas, and Leader of the delegation from USA was hopeful the relationship between the two regions would lead to a “prosperous world.”

A joint communique issued by Madam Helen Ntoso, the Volta Regional Minister and Mr Sherman Banks, President Emeritus, Sister Cities International, USA, said Arkansas Delta Region, USA, with support from Aristotle would lay the foundation to improve communication between government institutions, educational institutions and agricultural and tradition leaders across the Region.

It said the two regions would maintain a bilateral relationship in the areas of agriculture and food processing, telecommunication, education and cultural exchange and tourism.

Source: GNA


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