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Tiger Nut Production Is Profitable But Challenged

Tiger nut farmers at Esaaso in the Upper West Akyim District in the Eastern Region have embraced Tiger-nut farming as a very lucrative and profitable farming option. This is despite the fact that a lot of challenges continue to rear its ugly head and which serve as a stumbling block.

According to the farmers who expressed their frustrations on the Rite Morning Ride, these challenges have been of great hindrance to their work. Mr. Kofi Badu who is a tiger nut farmer said the cultivation of tiger nut is really helping to care for their wards in school and the entirety of their respective families.

Mr. Badu was relieved that the climate change which resulted in less rainfall last year did not affect tiger nut farmers that much as other farmers suffered. Despite the fact that they derived several benefits from tiger nut cultivation, they equally encountered some challenges which remain an affront to their work. One of those challenges he mentioned was the heavy rains at a point in time last year which affected their crops.

Another challenge Mr. Badu noted, was the invasion of termites which destroyed sections of their crops. That is not all; according to Mr. Badu they have difficulties in marketing their tiger nuts because they don’t have accessible roads. He said that due this, traders and market woman take advantage of these challenges to decide the price to be paid to them as farmers and they have very little choice but to comply.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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