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New Tilapia Production Technology Is the Way to Go – Agric Consultant

An agric consultant is enthused with a new tilapia production technology currently being employed to raise male tilapia.

The technology known as the All Male Tilapia Cultivation Technology focuses on male tilapia production for abundant tilapia production.

The Agriculture Consultant and Researcher, Mr. Edward Selorm Dangbui disclosed in an interview with Edwin Larbi on Rite FM’s Agrotech program that the technology known as ‘All Male Tilapia Cultivation Technology’ which typically targets male tilapia production involves several types of production, prominent among these being the natural production.

“There are several types of this technology but what is mainly used by the farmers is the ‘Natural Collection,’ he said.

Explaining the natural technology method of the production, the agric consultant said the natural collection method involves the fresh tilapia being grown to gain weight of up to 50g or more to enable the farmer to easily identify the reproductive organs of the fish.

The male tilapia, as Mr. Dangbui explained are easy to identify since they have such characteristics as ‘red tails and bright colors’ which distinguish them from the female ones fish.

The other technology which is the hormonal therapy technology, is equally employed in the all-male tilapia cultivation technology, Mr. Dangbui explained further. As he explained, the process involves the male hormones being used to mix various types of feed for 7-day old tilapia fingerlings which results in about 90-95% of the female fish turning into males within 21 days.

The All Male Tilapia Cultivation Technology is profitable but any farmer who wants to practice the technology must avoid over-crowding of the fish in the pod, he cautioned, adding that, the technology allows the farmer, especially commercial farmers to produce more.

He encouraged farmers, particularly fish farmers, to patronize the new technology but urged that interested fish farmers must always collaborate with the Water Research Institute for more education on their activities.

Source: Joyce Bedeley/ritefmonline.org/jbedeley9357@gmail.com

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