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Lower Manya: DOA draws composite budget of Ghc 24,000

The Lower Manya Krobo Department Of Agriculture is anticipating an approval of a total of Ghc 24,000 being the composite budget for the department in the coming year, the Head of extension services for the agric department of the district has disclosed.

Mr. Alex Fordjour said while the approval of a total of Ghc 12,000 is being expected for the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2019, same amount is being expected for the 3rd and 4th quarters bringing the total budget pending the approval to Ghc 24,000.

The Head of Extension Services while expressing optimism at the amount going a long way to aid the department in the execution of its mandates said, “What we have done so far is the composite budget which approval we expect from the ministry of finance in Accra,” he told host Omanba Kwadwo Boafo in an interview.

“The agreed amount for the composite budget we have reached as at now is Ghc 12,000 for the first and second quarters while we expect the same amount for the third and fourth quarters.”

Mr. Alex Fordjour made the revelation while observing that the department is currently working on its composite budget for the 2019 year.

He, while disclosing this in an interview with host of the Rite Morning Ride on Monday, said individual departments are currently drawing their departmental budgets for the coming year based on projected activities for the period.

The proposed amount which will not include emoluments, according to Mr. Fordjour, will however cover other expenses including administrative costs, goods and services, demonstration farms, trials as well as services and investment.

The extension officer who described the budget as an ‘activity-based spending’ explained that the amount will only go into expenditures for projects that can be executed.

“The budget is referred to as an activity-based spending. You can only spend any amount if you have to undertake a project or activity,” Mr. Fordjour explained.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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