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GHS1.96 Needed For Expansion – Bee Keepers Association

The Ghana Bee Keepers Association is demanding GHS 1.96 billion from government to support the industry. The industry players believe the money will help them expand the activities of bee keeping in Ghana.

“We have sent a proposal to the Ministry for Food and Agriculture. It is around GHS 1.96 billion to expand. Every district is going to benefit,” President for the Association, Patrick Addo-Newman told Rite news.

The industry players have bemoaned the constant neglect of the industry by government. They argued that the industry when supported will supply Ghanaians with the necessary tons of honey needed to satisfy the needs of the country.

“They are not increasing the production so their demand for honey is not coming up and so the price of honey is very expensive. But if we increase the production, the prices too will come down and a lot of people will get involved,” he stated.

Currently, the association produces only six tons of honey annually. Mr. Addo-Newman told Rite News that government can invigorate the industry should the amount be released to them.

“We are targeting 2,000 people in every district. Returns are enormous,” he said, adding that the industry has the potential to increase employment.

the demand is in line with Kasapreko’s demand of honey from the producers for the production of the New Royal Honey Bee drink which was launched earlier. Managing Director of Kasapreko Company Richard Adjei emphasized that the new product is part of moves to promote the honey industry and also create employment opportunities in the industry.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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