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Ghana Export Promotion Authority To Support Cashew Farmers

The President of Ghana National Association of Cashew Farmers, Mr. Anthony Aidoo has revealed that, Ghana Cashew Industry Association in collaboration with Ghana Export Promotion Authority and other key stake holders have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the cashew industry in the country.

The cashew industry has and been suffering a set-back due to absence of needed support in terms of policies to facilitate its development as an infant-industry.

Issues like scarcity of nuts, low producer prices, underdeveloped market structures and inadequate information regarding appropriate husbandry practices for the commodity, is still causing farmers interest in the crop to disappear considerably and already established plantations are abandoned as they are leave to the mercy of rampant bushfires and fuel wood collectors.

Fortunately, the interest in cashew cultivation is going to be rekindled now that institutions like the Exim Bank, Ghana Export Promotion Authority and all the Rural Banks have come to partner with the Ghana Cashew Farmers Association to boost the industry.

However, the Cashew Farmers Association is readily waiting for successful inauguration of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority by the President of the republic. “We are all waiting for the President to inaugurate the program in September. Ghana Export Promotion Authority is a government firm which has also taken it upon itself to help the cashew farmers in their ten years development plan,” Mr. Anthony told host Edwin Larbi.

Mr. Anthony Aidoo raised high hopes that ten years development plan will increase their capacity of production from 50,000 metric tonnes to 200,000 metric tonnes in the next 10 years.

Source: Nana Ama Sarfo/ritefmonline.org


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