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DUMSOR is affecting our business -pure water producers

The Chairman of Pure Water Producers Association, Mr. Kwabena Teye has expressed grave concern about the ongoing load shedding, known locally as “DUMSOR” is affecting their business seriously.

According to him, producing pure water under this era of power outage needs a lot of capital
Speaking to Rite news, Mr. Kwabena noted that, they could not meet the demand because there is no light to produce the amount of water needed by the public.

He said they are not able to produce water throughout the day because their generator capacity cannot power their machines for 24hour service

He explained that, they use more than two hundred cedis to fuel their generators just for a night, which is costing them a lot, adding that, they are running at a lost and if care is not taken their businesses will collapse.

He is therefore calling on VRA, GRIDCo and other partners to fix the problem of “DUMSOR” to save their businesses from collapsing.

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