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Ashanti Youth Association Tackles Kennedy Agyapong’s Hogwash

Ladies Gentlemen of the media;
We have closely watched over the past few years the endless and groundless attempt by politicians to exploit, undermine and malign Asantes. It is indeed, a large and loud concern of many folks who are deeply hurt to a dangerous point of explosion.

The Asantes love for humility, peace and our age old trademark of hospitality as a people is gradually being mistaken for softness and naivety. The mindset of the Ghanaian politician on the Asantes people has become a deadly trap to themselves, but they have just little time to reverse and reform their perception of us (Asantes)

If people are blinded by politics to the extent of hating our king, they must come to realise that the Otumfour The Asantehene is the embodiment of our glory and respect around the world as people.

The Asante Kingdom has existed in glory for ages, and we will never compromise or sacrifice our identity and heritage for the interest of politicians who would seek to malign our Kingdom but go back to honour their chiefs (odikro)

What has broken our long and painful silence is the unguarded comments made by the Assin Central member of parliament, Kennedy Agyapong who also claim to be the financier to the NPP presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo on 25th November, 2014 on Adom TV political programme badwam” if advisers of Otumfour fails to advise him I will say it, he has lost respect of his people because of his association with President Mahama and his brother Ibrahim Mahama”.

Asante Youth Association(AYA) questions Kennedy Agyapong which barometer in the first place did he used to measure the declined respect of His Royal Majesty Otumfour Osei Tutu II, or is it the usual divide and rule tactics in which he sort to incite the subjects(Asantes) against their king because of political expediency?

AYA therefore calls on the hierarchy of the NPP and his colleagues MP’s of Asante to bring him to order or we take it as an endorsement from the party.

We wish to remind all politicians and everybody that Asanteman existed long before colonialism, long before independence, long before party politics, long before NDC and NPP. And so the Asanteman which has hosted many more from all corners of Ghana and the world, which has known and maintained peace and harmony for ages, and that has earned the respect and sincere admiration of the world will not be left in the manipulative hands of selfish and shameless politicians like Kennedy Agyapong.

We are much awake and we WILL CONFRONT any such growing immaturity with equal measure in future.

Thank you.
Barimah Tweneboa Kodua Nana Boadi Joseph Nana Yaw Brenya

0209-307750 0200456093 (President)

( Secretary ) ( Drt. Of Operations)

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