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Am Disappointed In Christian Council-Nana Oboadie

Am disappointed in Christian Council for remaining silence on the state of Agriculture in the Country, Nana oboadie has said

Nana Oboadie opambour Bonsu Boateng, whom is the Acting Youth organizer the Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen (GNAFF) made the statement in a panel discussion on “Agric Forum” on RITE FM

Nana oboadie contributing on the program on how to obtain ready market for farm produce, which is a major challenge in the Agric sector stated that he (Oboadie) is disappointed in the Christian Council for not for remaining silence and not talking about the challenges that farmers are confronted with and also not contributing to the development of agriculture

He questioned how Christian Council involve its self in politics and political debate but not in the Agric sector which is the back-bone the Ghanaian economy

The outspoken Nana Oboadie bemoan how Christian Council has kept quiet on Agric issues; it’s not about collecting offering (collection) or about politics it’s about prioritizing agriculture, he added

He therefore charged the Christian Council to voice out because the state of agriculture in the country is too bad that needed urgent attention. He further stated that in about six (6) or seven (7) years to come, Ghana would find itself wanting in terms of food security if pragmatic measures are not place to addressing the challenges

“Christian Council what are you doing”, he questioned

He again called on all farmers together as one and fight for their well-being, by so doing he said they farmers will enjoy all the benefits that a farmer needs and all things will not remain as it is now

On other relating issues Nana Oboadie is calling for the head of Mr. Fiifi Fiave Kwartey who is the Minister of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) He said the Mr. Fiifi Fiave Kwartey should resign from his position as the Minister of Food and Agriculture because he has failed in the sector since he took the mantle

The two edge cutting Nana Oboadie noticed that the factors accounting for the Minister’s failure is that he is always sitting in office doing paper work whilst he needs to visit farmers on the ground to their challenges

I will always call for his resignation because he has failed to revive the Agric sector, says Nana Oboadie

The outspoken further noticed that there are people who can do better at that Ministry but because of party-politics they are not giving the mandate to do so. He mentioned names like the 2009 National Best Farmer, 2012 and 2012 National Best Farmers amongst others whom he thinks can perform better as Ministers of Agric


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