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Youth Urged To Take Advantage of Grasscutter Production

Grasscutter meat undoubtedly remains one of the most favorite local delicacy of most Ghanaians and most eateries including local chop bars and restaurant operators go all length to place it on their menu for their customers.

In this regard, the youth in the country are being called upon to take advantage of grasscutter production identified as a very lucrative farming activity.

According to the 2017 District Best Grass cutter farmer for the Yilo Krobo municipality in the Eastern region, grasscutter production, unlike other types of livestock farming is a stress free and a tax free activity.

The 2017 District Best Grass cutter farmer for Yilo Krobo and host of Aware Fie on Rite FM, Pastor Kingsley Danso, known by the radio name, Bishop Danso was speaking in an interview with Rite news.

Touching on the requirements for the production of grasscutter, the radio personality said acquiring a plot of land and preparing cages should be the first consideration prior to undertaking grasscutter farming.

Bishop Danso who began grasscutter production just about three (3) years ago said best practices in his farming activities won him the award as the best grasscutter farmer.

Grasscutter meat is the favorite of most people since it contains low fat, a characteristic the grasscutter farmer insists makes the activity very lucrative.

“The sector is very lucrative and not capital intensive to run compared to other livestock production,” he said adding that grasscutter meat has ready market.

Bishop Danso disclosed that grasscutter farmers in the district are detailing plans to train young people in the district desirous of establishing grasscutter production.

“The Association of Grasscutter Farmers in the district has opened its doors to train youths who will express interest in grasscutter production since most people in the district don’t see its lucrative values,” he said.

He therefore appealed to concerned stakeholders to support them with the necessary capital to hold regular training workshop for the youths to see the benefits in the industry and to also keep the industry running.

The grasscutter unit of the Nungua Livestock Breeding Station was established by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for the purpose of domesticating, breeding, multiplying and supplying acceptably domesticated animals to interested grass cutter farmers.

Free training is given to farmers who buy from the station. The general public is encouraged to rear grasscutter as methods used to trap these non-ruminant herbivores from the wild are environmental friendly and wild stocks continue to deplete with increasing demand for the meat.

Source: Joyce Bedeley/ritefmonline.org/jbedeley9357@gmail.com

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