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Yilo Abrewankor M/A JHS: Pupils decry mistreatment, inadequate learning facilities

Teachers are obliged to as a matter of professionalism make sure that, pupils and students associate positive emotional experiences with learning.

If a student associates negative emotional experiences with school, then this can obviously have bad results, such as creating a school phobia (fear of the school).

For example, if a pupil is bullied at school they may learn to associate the school with fear. It could also explain why some pupils show a particular dislike of certain subjects that continue throughout their academic career. This could happen if a student is humiliated or punished in class by a teacher.

The above was what pupils whom Rite FM News spoke to have expressed since the  start of Community Score Card Methodology  phase under the  District Education Observer Project (DEOP) II.

Some students of Abrewankor M/A JHS in the Yilo Krobo Municipality who expressed their challenges, complained about the state of the school facilities which is affecting their studies.

According to them, the school canteen and the I.C.T lab has no furniture’s and also too closed to place of convenience (toilet).

Others also comment about some teachers who only write without explanation for students with “poor hand writing” but refer them to buy text books and read while other teachers are not regular in class during lesson times.

Pupils further said teachers of the school neglect the fact that pupils must not be caned more than three.

But their teachers lash them ten or more in situations that pupils are found on the offending side.

According to some, they are demoralizes in class especially in times that teachers insult and used offensive languages attacking their humanity.

Meanwhile, the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Ebenezer Tetteh in an interview with Rite News has lauded Rite FM for implementing such timely project.

But testified his awareness of complains from the students. According to him, he has dialogue on several occasions with the teachers involved and still dialoguing but if no avail , he will send the complain of the pupils to his Circuit Supervisor.

He assured the students to feel comfortable and report teachers who don’t attend classes either to him or their various class teachers for query.

On the other hand , the headmaster of the school also lament that the furniture situation of the school is very bad but in the interim students only used bamboo chairs in the canteen and other points.

However, the Rite FM DEOP ll Committee has set up a school based District Education Oversight Committee (DEOC) to implement the action plan derived from all complains and school progress challenges identified.

Rite FM bears the responsibility to monitor and help the committee and the entire community to achieve the action plan drawn.

The District Education Observer Project (DEOP) II is supported by STAR-GHANA with Funding from Ukaid, European Union and DANIDA.

The project aims at assessing pupils, teachers and parent’s perception and feedback on educational related issues in 10 selected low performing school s in the Yilo Krobo Municiplaity.

Source: Joyce Bedeley / ritefmonline.org


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