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WHO urges to stop consuming so much sugar

The World Health Organization has expressed great concern about people consuming too much sugar in their daily lives.

The health organization said both children and adults must reduce their intake of free sugar to no more than 10% of the total energy ingested. This cut also includes the sugar intake of those present in the foods and drinks, such as in fruit juices and honey, etc. WHO recommends that the daily intake be cut to less than 5% for even greater health benefits, which is less than six teaspoons daily.

According to the research work of WHO, it has been observed that the chances of obesity, tooth decay, and overweight lessens when the sugar intake is less than ten percent. When you amend the policies of your daily life and of your eating habits, you definitely get the chance of diminishing any sort of sickness.

In many countries, the sugar intake rate is increasing. In Norway and Hungry, the rate is 7 to 8 percent. In South Africa, the rate is 7.5%, whereas in Spain and Britain, the rate is about 17%.

The free sugar is highly present in the processed foods, as per research by the health experts. These figures and recommendations are not for the sugar present in the vegetables, fresh fruits, and vegetables. In a single soda can, you will find 10 tablespoons of sugar. All of it sounds pretty scary when you look at the overall consumption number of your soda cans.

The sugar contained foods are the main reason of type 2 diabetes in most of the adults and children, these days, the report by the Federal Dietary Advisory Committee told.

The food and drug administration has also forced the food industry to add the amount of sugar in their Nutrition Label facts. This recommendation faced opposition from the food and beverage manufacturers.

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