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Tsledom – A Community in Distress

By Austin Ofori Addo:

The Chiefs and people of Tsledom and Ketem in the Lower Manya Krobo municipality of the Eastern region are calling on the government and the new MCE of Lower Manya Krobo, hon Simon Tettey to redeem them from agony and suffering. According to the traditional leaders, the issues of bad roads within their communities, lack of portable water, a health center, bad school structures among others have been the misery of their community.

In an interview with the Chief of Tsledom, Dadematse Ater, he emphasized that though former MCE for Lower Manya Krobo, hon Jacob Acolatse promised salvaging the situation if confirmed into office and during his tenure, he failed to honour his promise.

‘The former MCE, honourable Jacob Acolatse wept bitterly after he saw what we were going through and we believed he would work on it when he got the nod but unknown to us, he was just shedding crocodile tears,’ Dadematse Aterh bemoaned.

He added that it took the effort of the community to construct the road leading to the Palace with the use of implements such as pick axes, hoes and cutlasses.

He said the issue of bad roads is hindering their farming activities since they are not able to transport farm produce to the markets and which consequently results in post harvest losses. Another effect of the poor transportation on the community is that school children are forced to carry the farm produce to the markets before going to school, a situation which negatively affects academic performances.

Dadematse Ater was also worried about the lack of clean water for the community which has resulted in the people relying on unclean water for their use including for drinking. This he bemoaned exposes the entire community to health hazards including cholera and other water borne diseases. He said the water they depend on is unhealthy for human intake and therefore appealed to the MCE and the district assembly to come to their aid after successive MCEs failed them.

The absence of a health facility also continues to result in a high mortality rate as well as pose other health risks to the people of Tsledom and Ketem.

The dilapidated school structures also continue to disrupt school activities as schools are forced to close in the event of rainfall.

‘Schools are forced to close earlier than usual when the rains are about to come down as a result of the dilapidated school structure which was constructed in 1978. The structure was constructed  with mud which makes it unsafe for teachers to even sit under that dead trap to teach the children for good performance in their respective examinations,’ the Dadematse explained, adding that Tsledom has nothing good to boast of as long as social amenities are concerned.

To him, the interests of his community would be better served if Tsledom and Ketem were put under the Asuogyaman district.

‘We don’t know why we are being treated this way especially since our communities serve as the food basket for the people and the majority of the foodstuffs that go to the Agormanya market are from Tsledom and the middle belt to be precise. We are therefore pleading with the President and MCE to help us because we are dying and feel neglected,’ Dadematse Atter appealed.

Source: ritefmonline.org


  1. someone wants to donate water filters to this community. Any idea who he can contact to do this

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