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Tension Mounts In Klo-Begoro Over Mining Activities

Tension appears to be mounting in Klo-Begoro, a farming community in the Yilo Krobo municipality of the Eastern between indigenes of the community and workers working on a mining concession close to Klo-Begoro and other nearby communities.

The tensions which arise out of mining activities in the area which residents claim is causing a lot of harm to their communities on Wednesday afternoon developed into physical confrontations between the two parties.

Some opinion leaders of the town on Wednesday stormed the studios of Rite FM with complaints of destruction against one of such mining companies.

According to the opinion leaders, Teye Paul and Daniel Tetteh, Agyapa Addo, a mining company contracted by Ghacem to mine limestone in that enclave has through their mining activities caused grave environmental degradation to the community, posed health hazards to residents as well as damages to their buildings.

They argued that in as much as the Environmental Protection Agency demarcated a specific mining radius to the mining company, they have flatly exceeded their boundaries with impunity.

As at the time of filing this report, Daniel Tetteh, an opinion leader and a resident of the town told Rite news that an attempt to stop the workers working on the concession by the townsfolk nearly resulted in bloodshed.

Residents of Klo-Begoro and surrounding communities such as Buernya, Okper, Odugblase and Yonguase in the Yilo Krobo and Manya Krobo municipalities in the eastern region have over the years complained of being on the receiving end of heavy blasts and bombardments as mining groups engage in their deep blasting.

“There is no prior announcement to alert us before the blast and everybody is shaken to the core,” Kwabena Donkor, a resident of Buernya last year complained bitterly to Rite news. He narrated an incident where a building collapsed onto his next door neighbor during one such blast, injuring him in the process.

demanding to be resettled elsewhere due to the devastating effects mining activities of some companies that continue to pose serious threats to them. Residents say they still have no reprieve from the activities of Ghana Cement (Ghacem) and J.A. FANJ that have caused serious health and infrastructural challenges to them. Twelve years on, the challenges from the limestone mining activities still persist.

According to residents, the continuous blasts over the thirteen year period has left deep cracks in almost every building in their communities, pointing out these cracks in some surrounding buildings to buttress his point.

Residents are equally incensed at the rate at which their crops are being destroyed by waste water from the mining site. According to them, the wastes from the mining activities have been channeled into a river source which in turn finds its way into their farms and consequently destroys their crops. He said the chemicals used in the deep mining activities have also found their way into their sources of drinking water including a borehole that serves their community.

But that is not all; residents have also complained about contracting respiratory diseases due to the constant inhalation of dust from the mining site. The dust which is a direct consequence of the mining activities has been a major inconvenience to the people. They say most residents suffer from the dust which is almost a daily occurrence

Source: ritefmonline.org

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