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Supreme Court Dismisses Application Brought In By Akuse Youth

The Supreme Court has dismissed an application brought before it by the Akuse /Amedeka Youth Association praying the court to reconsider its earlier decision affirming Akuse /Natriku as part of the Eastern Region.

Nene Asada Ahor , Public Relations Officer of the Manya Krobo Traditional  Council who revealed this to Rite FM News said, the Supreme Court presided by Her Lordship  Mrs. Georgina  Wood , the chief  Justice  including six other judges dismissed this application when the court  sat today.

In 2010, a Parliamentary Sub Legislation Committee, acting on the Local Government Instrument 2010, LI 1983 (Creation of New District Electoral Areas and Designation of Units), illegally aligned seven (7) Electoral Areas – Zongo New Town, Akutue, Osorkutu, Bungalow, Amedeka, Salon and Natriku– at Akuse, originally part of the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in the Eastern Region to the Dangme West District (Now Shai-Osudoku District) in the Greater Accra Region, sparking off a boundary dispute that led to the suspension of the district assembly elections in the entire Lower Manya Krobo municipality.

Subsequent to that, attempts were made by the EC during the 2010 District Assembly Election to rope in the candidates of the seven disputed Electoral Areas into the Assembly elections under the Dangme West District, leading to a near bloody attack and months-long closure of the EC’s office in the Manya Krobo District

As a result, the Manya Krobo Traditional Council secured an injunction to restrain the EC from conducting the elections in the entire Manya Krobo Municipality, rendering the Assembly position vacant until December 2013.

After what proved to be a costly legal battle spanning a period of one and half years  (December 2010 to June 2012), the Supreme Court declared the said LI 1983 unconstitutional and retained the seven electoral  areas in Lower Manya in the Eastern Region.

Following the ruling, the Chiefs and people of Manya Krobo prevailed on the EC to organize the election which was eventually held in December last year excluding the Natriku electoral area. Till date, the EC would not offer any reason for omitting Natriku in our elections which were held about a year ago, instead, plans are underway for the people of the area to vote under Shai Osudoku (Greater Accra region) in the upcoming assembly elections to further entrench the illegality

According to Nene Asada Ahor , the Akuse /Amedeka Youth Association also filed a case against the council over the ruling of the Supreme Court  and appealed to the court to move Akuse /Amedeka to Dangbe West District but the court presided by the Chief Justice Mrs. Georgina Wood dismissed the appeal today at court.

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