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Spend quality time with children less than six years to reduce child mortality – Miss Faustina

Miss Faustina Kene who is a Midwife at a CHIP Compound in Sekesua Yiti in the Upper Manya Krobo District in the Eastern Region has advised parents and caregivers of children under age five to take good care of their children to enhance the child’s healthy growth since that cost dear than the time and money one spends with the child at hospital.

According to her, the time spent in taken quality care of the children comes with its own benefit to the child, the family, the community and the entire country.

She stated that parents and care givers should attach precious prestige to their children and spend enough time with them; and make sure they feed them with balanced diet for proper growth and development of the child.

Adding that when a child is fed well, its positive impact is seen physically on the child as the child becomes healthy devoid of sickness since the child is protected, reduce mortality rate and help cognitive and academic development of children.

When parents and families take child feeding and caring serious, financial and economic stabilization is achieved since money which may go into medical bills will be used for profit making ventures.

A healthy nation can be said to be a wealthy nation. These children will grow up to supplement the human resource (labour services) of the country, hence contributing to development and progress there by reducing poverty.

Miss Faustina noted that as a result of this, the country will limit the import of  drug supplement into the country  and divert the resource (money) for developmental project that will move the country forward that and gain international recognition

She therefore urged all parents and caregivers of children under five to engage in good feeding practices including exclusive breast feeding, timely intervention and well balanced complementary foods.

Miss Faustina Kene spoke on bime ts)wi an) hi3mi (caring for the child), a program which discuss proper child feeding and growth of children between age zero and five  on Rite 90.1 FM with sponsorship from World Vision International (WVI), McGill University Canada, Nutrition Research Center, University of Ghana, Farm Radio International and Ghana Health Service, Asesewa.

Source: Austin Ofori Addo/ritefmonline.org/austinofori.addo@gmail.com

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