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Shai Osudoku District holds annual Agriculture review meeting

The Department of Agriculture of the Shai Osudoku District Assembly has held its annual Research Extension Linkage Committee Meeting at the Department of Agric Conference room.

The Annual Research Extension Linkage Meeting (RELC) is a forum for major stakeholders in the agricultural sub-sector to set agenda for activities to be implemented on annual basis.

The meeting therefore serves as link among researchers, technology transfer agencies, service providers and farmers to review activities, achievements and problems encountered in the previous year to inform the activities to be focused on in the following year.

The meeting brought together dignitaries of high profile such as: Agric Directors, Extension Officers, Veterinary Officers, representatives from Agric Sub Committee, District Assembly, Farmer Based Organizations, Processors, crop and livestock farmers and all who matters within the agric value chain.

Problem identification

Agric extension expert and Ga West District Director of Agric, Mr. Joe Marbel steered the participants to highlight some of their problems and challenges.

Some problems highlighted  includes; destruction of farmlands for housing by estate developers, high cost of agrochemicals, fall army worm destroying most farms leading to low yield, high risk in rain fed cultivation, low markets for products, high cost of tractor service, pest and disease in vegetables among others.

Consumers at the meeting added that, there’s high cost of farm produce in the area.

Causes and solutions

Here, some of the farmers appeal to the government to drawn demarcations for estate developers to avoid them from destroying their farmlands whereas others appealed to the government to reduce taxes imposed on agrochemicals to help regulate it prices to the farmers.

Mr. Joe Marbel, the Resource person for the 2017 annual RELC meeting advised farmers to always adhere to good farm practices to help control the fall army worm infestation.

He further urged farmers to use modern methods in marketing their produce and also practice more crop rotation to help the soil gain its fertility.

He advised extension officers to guide farmers to acquire right materials for their work.

Mr. Marbel ended with an assurance to the farmers to look out for training on their work from the Agric Department to help uplift the Agric sector.

Source: Joyce Bedeley/ ritefmonline.org


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