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Sawer L/A Primary School in a horrific shape

The lives of teachers and about 200 pupils of the Sawer L/A primary school in the Yilo Krobo Municipality are in danger as government had showed remiss in terms of infrastructure development and implementation of the School Feeding Program.

The school, since its establishment over two decades has not been offered any form of development from both government and the traditional council of Yilo Krobo.

Despite its state of negligence, the School is also located in an outskirt and a waterlog area which makes it unbearable for students and teachers during the rainy season.

Due to bad openings of the building, school properties particularly furniture and classrooms are exposed to the public virtually causing damage and shortage of teaching and learning facilities.

The school lacks urinal, toilet and adequate classroom blocks which caused some of the classes to be handled under trees. There is neither potable water nor water storage facilities to aid easy access of water.

The school has only one computer to facilitate the teaching and learning of ICT, but the school has no connection to electricity to power the only computer.

The school feeding program has not been put into operation. Teachers have to use their own money to feed some of the pupils who comes to school with empty pocket and stomach.

Teachers also bemoaned that the school has no furniture for teachers and a staff room.

It is alleged that some portions of the school’s land have been given to some unknown persons for their private activities (farming).

The school authorities further disclosed that, they had knocked several times on the doors of the government, the traditional council and even the Ghana Education Service (GES) to come to their aid but all was to no avail.

They are calling on the New Administration in Government to hear their appeal and rectify the situation.

Source: ritefmonline.org


  1. I hv done my private investigation about the sawer L/A school toilet that has been given to that prayer camp for over 4 years now. The school head teacher knows something about this according to my investigation. Consult Hon.Dendenden for more info. Tank u

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