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Rite FM Feature: Meet Somanya’s Wackiest Couple

By Joyce Bedeley:

Residents of the somanya suburbs of Sra and Ogome in the Yilo Krobo mucicipality of the Eastern region have a couple to smile about. They are Isaac and Rebecca who have been together for the past two years. The peculiar case of the couple, who are mostly seen along the streets of Ogome through Sra into the Somanya Township, however remains an odd factor.

Rebecca who appears to be in her late twenties is an imbecile and hails from Odumase Krobo. Residents who are aware of her background told this reporter that her condition of imbecility runs through her family. According to them, she has a sister and four brothers, some of whom also suffer from the condition while the rest of her siblings are perfectly normal.

A family source confided in this reporter that Rebecca’s mother used to be a normal young woman during her growing up years until she was ‘cursed’ by another woman during an issue that cropped up between them.

But what could Rebecca care about? She now finds comfort in the bosom of her love of two years. He’s Isaac whom neighbours say also suffers from some form of mental condition. The two are hardly seen without each other and Rite FM couldn’t help but corner the love birds for a quick chat.

Though the couple is yet to have any children, Isaac who is a carpenter by profession does not despair. ‘We are hoping to have children soon,’ he assured. ‘I’m yet to perform the customary rites though I’ve introduced myself to her family,’ Isaac revealed.

On the other hand, Rebecca who believes she has found her missing rib expects just one thing from Isaac; that he takes her to the alter soon. ‘I want him to come perform the wedding rites as soon as possible,’ Rebecca charged. Though she loves her man because he gives her money, she nevertheless has another concern; that Isaac desists from chasing any other woman.

The problem of mental health continues to stand out as one of the country’s most peculiar and bizarre challenges.

Mental health experts have raised an alarm over the increased cases of mental disorder in Ghana and have called for adequate facilities and personnel to curb it.

Mental disorder, also called mental illness, psychological disorder, or psychiatric disorder, is mental or behavioural pattern that causes either suffering or poor ability to function in ordinary life.

The causes of mental disorder are often unclear but common causes include drug abuse, depression, dementia, schizophrenia, as well as stigma and discrimination.

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