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Public sector or self-employment; which do you prefer

Gaining an employment is the out most desire of every human being especially the youth in order to make a living and also save for his/her future.

Employment normally comes in two forms either self-employment or working under an employer.

Some individuals prefer being sole proprietors due to the following reasons such as to understand the real value of money, know or appreciate their skills, savings, check their expense deductions and also to take risk.

According to a carpenter and a business woman Rite FM spoke to, they will prefer doing their own work to working for the government or private company because they don’t want pressure.

“I’m a carpenter and I love to work for myself than working for some body.”

“I prefer to run my business than working for some body because I don’t like pressure of what you will pay me at the end month.”

The Ghana Labor Report for the 2017 shows the distribution of currently employed population, 15 years and older in the informal sector by sex.

The data showed that 90% of the currently employed population is in the informal sector with males accounting for 45.1% and females 54.9%

In view of these factors, Rite news then interviewed some self-employers to find out why they prefer to work on their own and not corporate institutions.

According to some, working on their own gives them upper hand in the work, it also makes them master their natural skills.

Others are also of the view that, some corporate institutions are not fair to their workers in terms of salary payment, therefore they are proud of their work and prefer to do that for the rest of their lives.

Source: Prince Paul Amuzu/Joyce Bedeley/ritefmonline.org



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