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Poor Market Value of Pigs Affecting Pig Farmers

By Prince Paul Amuzu:

A pig farmer in South Senchi in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region, Mr.Amevor George has lamented seriously on the cost of pig farming as compared to its market values as far as piggerying is concerned.

Speaking in an interview with Krobea Asante, host of the Rite Morning Ride on Wednesday during the Akuafo Se Sen segment of the morning show, Mr. Amevor was concerned that the cost of pig farming is very high compared to its market values.

This he noted was due to its low demand as compared to supply since most people prefer other meat to pork resulting in low sales of the product. The low interest in pork he blamed on the low education on the nutritional values derived from the consumption of pork.

He also took the time to explain some of the characteristics of pigs which according to him invariably results in pig farmers incurring a lot of cost in their production.

‘The pig is an animal that naturally likes food and must be fed as such and for that matter we spend a lot on feeding,’ Mr. Amevor revealed.

But he was equally worried about the health status of pigs which is important in raising them.

‘Pigs are also predisposed to frequently falling sick. I have been in the pig farming business for the past sixteen (16) years and the major problems I have faced so far is the high amount I spend on feeding and medication as they easily fall sick and the most painful part of it all is the cheap price at which I sell them due to its low demand as compared to supply,’ he said.

Mr. Amevor George who owns about twenty five (25) fully grown pigs says he still can’t find buyers for the animals and pleaded for government support through the creation of market avenues, both locally and internationally to enhance the piggery business.

He also called for the provision of credit facilities such as loans and pesticides. This he was convinced would come a long way in helping them to feed and provide medication to the animals.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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