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Pay Bills To Ensure Constant Supply Of Electricity – ECG

Over the years, residents of Somanya and its enclave have had some misunderstandings with ECG over their bills. The misunderstanding started in 2017 where an assembly member led people in the community to demonstrate against the company over what they described as over-billing.
Subsequently, the residents came into agreement with ECG to pay all bills in installments over a period of one year.

After a year and some months, a lot of people still have so much debts to settle with the ECG. Speaking on Rite FM today, the General manager of ECG-Somanya, Mr. Edward Ochire, pleaded with the people of Yilo Krobo to settle their debts to enable a smooth running of the company.
According to him, the general response to the payment of bills are lower than ECG anticipated. He said, “ECG is not interested in disconnection, It is a business and so if we give you electric power and you do not pay, we cannot continue to supply you… If you refuse to pay your bills, our only option is to apply force by removing the wire in the meter that connects your meter to the supply”.

Mr. Edward Ochire, General Manager of ECG-Somanya

In a passionate plead, Mr. Ochire said customers who owe ECG can start paying by making half or a quarter payment and go on to pay in installments until the bills are all paid off. Refusal to pay bills will pile-up the debt on monthly basis to a point beyond customers capacity.
He advised all customers of ECG to pay their electricity bills appropriately as some customer refused to pay any bill in 2018. Refusal to pay electricity bills will force the ECG to disconnect the meter to cut power supply to the customer.

According to Mr. Ochire, electric power is “a raw material” used by most enterprises in the country to produce services for the entire citizenry. He stated that, electricity is the tool for development in every community. In a country where all businesses thrive on constant supply of electric power, customers must do well to settle their debts to enable the constant supply of electricity.

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