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Nunoo Mensah blast gov’t over ‘dumsor’

Head of Human Security at the National Security Secretariat, Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah (Rtd) has charged the government to stop giving excuses and fix the deteriorating energy problems in the country.

He said when government recognizes the root cause of the problem and tackles it head-on; the erratic power supply known in local parlance as dumsor will be a thing of the past.

“Government will find the real solutions to dumsor if they sit down to identify the problems which accounts for it. Let’s examine what have gone wrong with us because I know the problems can be solved,” he stressed.

Ghana is currently shedding between 400 and 700 Megawatts of power during off-peak and peak periods, respectively.

The crisis is taking a toll on Industry, businesses and domestic consumers. Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor has promised to resign if he fails to resolve the crisis by the end of December this year.

President Mahama on his part has also promised not to manage the energy crisis but to fix it.

But Mr. Nunoo Mensah on Adom FM on Monday, explained that the government can immediately reduce the pressure it has on itself by increasing the amount of energy the nation is currently shedding.

“The more we add more megawatts of power for consumption, the more we erase the problems compounded on us as a country. We have not sat down to examine the real problem and I think that is where the problem is emanating from,” stated.

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