This is our magazine show that starts the day for Rite 90.1 Fm with segments that cut across. The show start from 5 45 am to 10 00 am each working day. There is a motivational segment, health at breakfast, headlines from newspapers and the websites, weather report from the methodological service, sports, akua fo se sen, today, first word (phone inn) and the studio discussion for the day ranging from politics, business, education and health. This is our flash show over the years with season host and great team. The show from 9 00am to 1000am from Monday to Friday have specific area of focus:

Mondays we focus on social development issues from health, roads, social interventions, Agric, market, portable water, electricity etc. stockholders who matter in the sector are invited for discussions.

Tuesdays – this segment is use to follow up on the DEOP to find out how school pupils are doing in terms of performance. The teacher attendance is also looked at with the support from the various assemblies. The DEOP just looked at Yilo but we are now going beyond Yilo but look at our catchment areas. The contribution of parent is also captured on this segment.

Wednesdays – the segment is “business today” and it looks at the business opportunities available for the young people to take advantage of it. It also offers business ideas for those with challenges managing their businesses.

Thursdays – the segment is “assembly today”. This segment talks looks at how the various assemblies within our catchment areas are managing our small parliament. We go into how they are generation IGF and how it is used. We look at their budget and how they use their common fund.

Fridays – the segment is “Asetena Pa” and it looks at the work of women on the Agric value chain which is more of processing. This takes us to how they do and how the nutritional values are kept for their own use and that of other consumers.


           PRESENTER – Captain Adabuga

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