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Microsoft Outlook For iOS And Android Arrives, It Looks Excellent

Today Microsoft announced Outlook for iOS and a preview version for Android. iOS and Android devices already have calendar apps, but Microsoft said that the new Outlook app makes it easier to sort through your e-mail, contacts, calendar and file-sharing. The new Outlook app for iOS and Android phones and tablets are based on Acompli, an app company that Microsoft acquired for over $200 million in December.

The Outlook app separates mail into two tabs — Focused and Other. The important e-mails will be placed in the Focused inbox. If you move your e-mail in or out of your Focused inbox, Outlook will start to learn which type of messages are important to you. 

Swiping left or right lets you take actions like archive, delete, move, flag and mark as read/unread. The swipe gestures can be personalized if you do not like the default settings, which gives the Outlook app a leg up above the competition. There is also a “Schedule Email” feature that temporarily removes e-mails from your inbox and returns at a time of your choosing.

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