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Mango Farmers Cut down their Mango trees for charcoal

Story By: Zigi Reginald Mawuli

The Obapan, Gjakiti and Watsa mango farmers out of numerous challenges decided to raise down the mango trees in their farms for charcoal in order to pave way for maize and cassava cultivation.

Rite 90.1 FM’s Mobilizing Action towards Agriculture Sector Improvement, (MAASI) probed into the reality of the challenges of these farmers. It was revealed that the major challenge of these farmers was lack of expertise in managing their farms. As a result they record fruit fly infestation of their mango fruits during the fruiting seasons. This has rendered the farmers the inability to make income out of their farms.


On Tuesday, June 29, 2016 the Feed the Future Platform of the MAASI project focused discussion on the challenges of these farmers to refrain farmers who are also planning the “mango trees cutting down agenda”.

Mr. John Kwasi Rawlings, the secretary to Lower Manya Mango Farmers Association promised to visit these farmers and their farms  to provide them with the necessary technical support needed. He also encouraged mango farmers to seek for help than to sort in cutting down their trees.

Rev. Lawerence Lomo, Chairman of the Yilo mango farmers Association also encouraged mango farmers to sort to training on how to maintain their mango farms in order to retrieve the income they expert from their labour.


Two invited farmers Mr. Edward Kwasi and Madam Mary Teye Koryoe admitted to the advice of the mango experts and promised to ensure they maintain the rest of their trees for their livelihood and the development of the mango industry in the Krobo communities.

The MAASI project will make follow ups to ensure the needed attention is provided to these farmers.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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