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Lower Manya MP Shows Constituents Love

More than a hundred beneficiaries on Wednesday received assorted items from the Member of Parliament for the Lower Manya Krobo constituency at a ceremony at Agomanya. The beneficiaries which included groups and individuals including apprentices who had established themselves in various skills training under a scheme instituted by the sitting Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo, were presented with the items as the MP’s stipend towards assisting his constituents, particularly the youth to acquire practical skills training.

The beneficiaries included hairdressers, carpenters, dressmakers, students, masons among others received items to aid their work. The items included sewing kits including sewing machines, welding tools, hairdressing kits including hair dryers, sets of carpentry tools including planes and saws, sets of masonry equipment, etc.

Hairdressing and dressmaking groups from Odumase, Akuse and Kpong as well as accomplished welders and carpenters received various awards at a ceremony witnessed by the Municipal Chief Executive, honourable Jacob Acolatse, branch executives of the NDC, constituency executives, Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo as well as the general public.


Addressing the gathering, the Member of Parliament for the Lower Manya Krobo constituency, honourable Okletey Terlabi urged young women who were privileged to be enrolled in such apprenticeships to treat such opportunities as a make or break affair. According to him, young women who took such opportunities seriously stood to acquire lifetime skills for themselves through which they can earn a living as ‘the devil finds work for the idle hand.’ He also urged apprentices to show submission to their instructors because it was paramount during their periods of apprenticeship.


Explaining the background of the intervention to Rite news, constituency chairman for the Lower Manya Krobo branch of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Mr. Walter Homenu in an interview with Rite news explained that honourable Terlabi as part of his social intervention programmes instituted a scheme in 2013 to train willing young men and women desirous of acquiring a skill.

According to him, interested and committed youth were readily enrolled into apprenticeship schemes such as carpentry, masonry, hairdressing, sewing, welding, etc under competent and committed welders, dressmakers, carpenters, masons, hairdressers, etc.

Some beneficiaries who spoke with Rite news expressed gratitude to the MP for the gesture. One of them, identified as Rejoice, a hairdresser who received two dryers said she was rewarded on her humanitarian grounds.

‘I trained some of these girls free of charge…these dryers given me will go a long way in aiding my girls during their practical exams as well as use it in training more girls,’ madam rejoice pointed out. While she expressed gratitude to the MP for his gesture, she nevertheless called for more support for them in order to assist more young women desirous of undergoing apprenticeship.

Another award recipient on the day, Mr. Isaac Narh, a welder and under whose care some apprentices were trained in welding and straightening took home a set of welding equipment such as a welding machine, googles, screw driver, a welding holder, etc. He said though the support was long in coming, he was all the same grateful to the office of honourable Okletey Terlabi.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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