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Livestock Farmers Plead For Government Support

By Prince Paul Amuzu

Mr. Vincent Gadese, a livestock farmer at Dzemeni, in the South Dayi District of the Eastern Region has been lamenting on some of the challenges encountered by livestock farmers during the dry season.

Speaking in an interview with Krobea Asante, the host of Rite FM’s morning show, Mr. Gadese noted that livestock farmers find it very difficult feeding their livestock during the dry season. According to him, during the dry season, the fodder which normally serve as source of food for their livestock dry up making the animals grow lean with most of them being unhealthy.

Mr. Vincent Gadese who has over two hundred and fifty (250) cows and also more than four hundred and fifty goats (450) nevertheless admitted that though livestock farming is a profitable venture, the risks are that one still stands to lose out under certain circumstances, adding that the dry season is one of the challenging periods they normally encounter.

‘Business is usually very booming as the animals multiply and in times of financial constraints, I just sell one or two of them to solve my problems,’ Mr. Gadese said.

To solve their peculiar challenges such as feeding their animals during the dry season however, Mr. Gadese is pleading with government to come to their aid.  He’s also calling on government to provide them with credit facilities such as loans so that they can afford medication especially during the dry season as the animals normally fall sick during the period.

He called on veterinary officers who visit them to do so regularly and not once in a while as is the case.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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